8th grade int.

GRADE 8(int) GREEK TIME : 2 hrs. NOVEMBER 2013

Exercise 1  Vocabulary chapters 1-3

Make sentences with the following words in Greek.
Example: Δύσκολος = Το πιο δύσκολο μάθημα για εμένα είναι τα μαθηματικά γιατί δεν τα καταλαβαίνω.
Exercise 2
Fill in the gaps using the correct tense of the verb in the brackets.
Example: Μαρία, έγραψες την άσκηση; (γράφω)
`Ασκηση 3

Fill in the sentences using the correct words from the table. DO NOT CHANGE THE GIVEN WORDS, but you may need to put articles where necessary.

`Ασκηση 4
Να γράψετε τις παρακάτω προτάσεις στον πληθυντικό αριθμό.
Π.χ. Το παιδί παίζει. = Tα παιδιά παίζουν.

Exercise 5
Read the text and fill in the missing words as in the example. Write the word’s number in the table.
Exercise 6
Read the dialogue and fill in the information’s table.
Exercise 7

Choose one of the two topics and write a letter to a friend. (120 – 150 words)

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2 Responses to 8th grade int.

  1. Nikita Volkov says:

    Is the writing task going to be an essay or a letter?

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