11th grade oral IGCSE

Topic List                Topic Areas Examination Topics

  • Area A Everyday activities

Home life and school
Food, health and fitness
Home life
School routine
Eating and drinking
Health and fitness

  • Area B Personal and social life

Self, family and personal relationships
Holidays and special occasions
Self, family, pets, personal relationships
House and home
Leisure, entertainments, invitations
Eating out
Festivals and special occasions
Holidays; getting around

  • Area C The world around us

Home town and local area
Natural and made environment
People, places and customs
Home town and geographical surroundings
Public services
Natural environment
Finding the way
Meeting people
Places and customs
Travel and transport

  • Area D  The world of work

Continuing education
Careers and employment
Language and communication in the
work place

  • Area E    The international world

Tourism at home and abroad
Life in other countries and communities
World events and issues
Further education and training
Future career plans
Language at work
Holiday travel and transport (see also C9)
Geographical surroundings (see also C1)
Weather (see also C5)
Places and customs (see also C8)
Food and drink (see also A3)
Meeting people (see also C7)
Issues according to available resources
and individual interest

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