9th grade homework for Tuesday 30/9/2014

Α) Tελειώστε τις ασκήσεις στην φωτοτυπία που σας έδωσα σήμερα. Φροντίστε να μάθετε την σημασία των λέξεων καθώς την Παρασκευή 3/10/14 θα γράψετε διαγώνισμα.

Β) Μεταφράστε το ακόλουθο κείμενο στα ελληνικά:

We have Greek neighbours. Their names are Petros and Maria. They have three children. They are very friendly people. We all live in North London. There are many Greek restaurants and shops in North London. Petros and his family go to the Greek church on Sunday. The children speak excellent English but their mother speaks very little English. Sometimes they have a barbecue in their garden all together as they have many friends and relatives. In the summer, they go to Greece or Cyprus and they stay there for four or five weeks. When they come back from their holiday they always bring us some presents, usually a bottle of ouzo or a bottle of Cyprus’ wine.

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