8th grade int.

Remember to finish the photocopies I gave you during the half term.

Also remember to revise chapters 1 to 6 for a revision test after Half Term Break.

Enjoy your holidays.


6 Responses to 8th grade int.

  1. Ilya 8th grade says:

    Ms what’s the homework for the 28th I’m going crazy!!!

    • dgiaouri says:

      Ilya sorry I just read your message. The homework is the reading comprehension exercises I gave you on photocopies. Remember? While the rest were doing the test they had missed because of basketball? You DID put the papers in your bag. Check…

  2. Costas Vitalis says:

    Excuse me miss. It’s my first time using the Greek homework blog and I don’t quite know how to use it. Maybe you please tell me what the Greek homework is for 7th grade

    • dgiaouri says:

      Costa sorry for the delay, I had no internet. I have uploaded just one the 2 words that you had to copy but you have no Greek homework. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. Chris says:

    ms giaouri what is our work that we had to copy down chris petrakopoulos grade 8

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